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Picture of Acrylic Wall Putty

Acrylic Wall Putty

For providing the smooth finish to rough interior walls, we have on offer Indigo Acrylic Wall Putty. This water based putty provides a durable finish and brings out the best performance from the finish paint both in look and durability.
₹ 1,330.00
Picture of Knifing Paste Filler ( Silver Series )

Knifing Paste Filler ( Silver Series )

Knifing Paste Filler White / Grey is best suited for leveling the metal and wooden surfaces for interior and exterior applications. This is an alkyd-based putty formulated for butter-like consistency is easy to apply and offers optimum filling properties.
₹ 2,060.00
Picture of Polymer Putty Gold Series - 40 L

Polymer Putty Gold Series - 40 L

This is a specially designed product based on white cement, redispersable polymer and functional additives, to give a smooth finish to rough exterior plasters. It can be used on interior as well as exterior surfaces like cement plasters, asbestos sheets, concrete, and brickwork.
₹ 1,340.00
Picture of Rustic Texture Finish 15L

Rustic Texture Finish 15L

Indigo Rustic Texture Finish is made with high quality marble powder, silica sand and quartz in a rich acrylic binding medium. This paint gives a very unique and different feel making the walls stand out. This material has excellent binding to the surface and has the ability to hide small cracks.
₹ 1,880.00
Picture of Waterproff polymer putty( Platinum Series

Waterproff polymer putty( Platinum Series

Waterproff polymer putty is a unique product that offer water repellent as well as gives excellent barrier properies against efflorescence .along with the smooth and even finish of polymer putty. It is based on white cement and a special silicon additive offering superb adhesion and works on both interiors and exterior
₹ 1,540.00